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Destiny University.
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Destiny University is strongly committed to the nurturing of academic excellence.

The university expects its students to pursue and maintain truth, honesty, and personal integrity in their academic work.

Academic dishonesty, in any form, constitutes a serious threat to the freedoms which define an academic community.




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Destiny University is privileged to partner with International Leadership University (ILU), a like-minded educational institution of Campus Crusade to offer Diploma in Biblical Training in Leadership with M-learning technologies.

The Diploma in Biblical Training in Leadership gives students the practical knowledge and experience to lead positive change in the church and missions as well as their community. The program is designed to give students the expertise to understand, analyze and model skills needed in a broad range of organizations church management and missions. In addition, students can customize the degree to their personal career choice. Students are advised to add a course that will direct their studies for enhancede

M-Learning is based on allogy software technology that puts courses on smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets. Students are able to learn through audio-video recorded lectures on these mobile devices and provides an advantage to make theological and leadership education available to pastors and other leaders in less privileged communities across the continent.