Executive Leadership Program

Be A Leader That Matters

Experience Destiny Leadership Institute’s Executive Leadership Program featuring spiritual and personal leadership skill development.

To help students discover their life mission, and maximize their God-given potential in leading spiritual, social and material transformation in broader society. To help all students discover and commit themselves to a life mission in line with their God-given destiny. 

  1. Mission Objectives 

Equip students as leaders to maximize their gifts, natural talents, experiences and education in fulfilling their life mission.

Develop leaders of integrity based on biblically informed moral values. 

Encourage personal life transformation based on strong moral values. 

Develop leaders who can link their personal life transformation with societal transformation. 

Develop leaders of integrity who have the competencies to spearhead spiritual, social and material transformation in society 

Maximize modern technology in providing world-class distance education globally.

A leadership team
with vision

Our executives lead by example and guide us to accomplish great things every day. Online learning offers a new way to explore.