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We see you taking a career path that enhances your life for the future for your God-given skills.

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We see you taking a career path that enhances your life for the future. Whether you are starting or looking to finish your degree, DU has options for you. We understand the difficulties of balancing a career, family and school, so we’ve designed our academic programs with both the young and adult students in mind.
The University operates Distant Learning approach.
  • Student enrollment is open all year round. Each student begins his/her semester when the enrollment process is completed and finish at their own pace.
  • The students works on his/her own, consulting an instructor/mentor when the need arises for clarification on a subject matter.
  • The responsibility for learning is shared between the student and the University.
  • Credits are earned after students have demonstrated learning Academic Integrity-ResourcesDestiny University is strongly committed to the nurturing of academic excellence.
  • The university expects its students to pursue and maintain truth, honesty, and personal integrity in their academic work.
  • Academic dishonesty, in any form, constitutes a serious threat to the freedoms which define an academic community.
We invest in the student
At Destiny University, we invest in you as a student and person. We ask only that you respond with an equal measure of hard work, focus and maturity.