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Tuition And Financial Information

University education is an investment in yourself and your future. And, like all investments, it's important to be aware of your financial opportunities and responsibilities.

We invest in you, too, because your success is our success. Whether you're a first-time applicant, a transfer student, or a graduate/professional student, our experienced financial aid officers can review tuition, cost and fees with you to help to create a comprehensive financial aid package that meets your budget needs and educational goals.

Read more to learn about tuition and financial aid, scholarships, and cash payments.

Tuition Discounts

Members of the Clergy 10% discount on tuition
Missionaries 10% discount on tuition
Espousal discount 20 % discount on tuition
(10% Clergy/Missionary + 10% spousal)


Student may withdraw from program one week after commencement of course work without any penalty on the tuition except application fee and administrative costs in excess of 50% of the application fee.

Financial Aid

Each student must be responsible for payment of all tuition/fee prior to official enrollment in any course or program. There is no financial Aid at DU at the moment.

Educational Loans/ Grants/ Scholarships

At the moment, DU does not provide loans, grants or scholarships. The Financial Aid office encourages students to seek all possible means of financial assistance from the government agencies, foundations, non-profit organizations and civic organizations in their own countries of origin. Some banks also offer educational loans to prospective students. DU will however work diligently to seek gifts from partners and friends who believe in the vision and mission of this institution. When such funds become available, they would be available for assisting students.

Undergraduate courses $200.00 per module (four modules)
Graduate courses $250.00 per module (six modules)
Doctorate courses $250.00 per module (twelve modules)

Other Fees
Application Fee (non-refundable) $20.00
Transcript Fee $ 5.00
Late Charge Fee (non-refundable) $ 5.00
Thesis Binding Fee $ 40.00

Payment Options

Payment can also be made now in Cashier's Checks and Money Order payable to :
Destiny University Foundation and mail to
Destiny University Foundation
5147 S. Havard Ste 286,
Tulsa Oklahoma 74135



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