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In many parts of the world, education has been the privilege of an exclusive few. It has been confined to institutional campuses with very limited intake in comparison to the populations they serve.

Using the Distance Learning approach, Destiny University (DU) is tapping into the adult learning approach to education. It means, taking learning to the learners in their social, cultural and vocational domains and contexts. It is no longer necessary for them to relocate to fixed locations, and be separated from family, friends and jobs. The Distance Learning approach makes it easier for people in any situation and regardless of their location to gain access to quality education. This mode of education can be achieved at their own pace, and within their financial means to achieve their life long goals. Teachers, agriculturists and others working in rural areas and who have busy schedules would therefore not be at an educational disadvantage when it comes to having ready access to available courses in areas of their interest.
Through the academic mentor program, professors in existing urban/city institutions of higher education are assigned to each student. Effort is made by both the student and mentor to develop a one- on- one relationship that enables the student to receive quality guidance through mail, telephone, and internet.

DU is among pioneers in Africa using the "self-directed" adult learning style to develop academic potential in students enrolled in the program. DU also brings hope to many who would otherwise have been denied their rightful access to higher education because of socio-economic limitations. The University has the goal of facilitating the educational journey to high academic achievement for as many as are willing to avail themselves for this priceless opportunity.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all (Faculty, Staff and Students) to this mode of educational delivery at a time when the whole world is searching for innovative ways to develop human potential for socio-economic transformation and the development of the nations of our world.


Professor Emmanuel M. Asigbee.
(Ph.D., M.A., M.S. M.Sc., BSc.)
President, Destiny University

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