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Destiny University offers several programs. The Bachelor's degree has 120 semester units to graduate, the Master's 30 semester units, and 60 semester units for the Doctorate program. The qualifications for admissions into any of DU'S programs are

1. Meet all laid down requirements of the Destiny University Council
2. Strong communication skills
3. Proficiency in English

Length Of Degree Program

This will vary from one student to the other. Factors such as transfer of credits, student's ability, and motivation may affect the time spent in achieving the goal of completing a degree program. Each student is however encouraged to complete on the average three (3) courses per semester.

Transfer of Credits

Destiny University accepts transfer of credits from institutions accredited by the National Accreditation Board, Ministry of Education or other recognized accreditation bodies. The acceptance of transferred credits will be at the discretion of DU.

Evaluation of Transcripts

Coursework completed at colleges and universities outside of Ghana will be considered for transfer on an individual basis. Credentials presented from non-English speaking countries must include the original plus a certified English translation. The cost for an official evaluation of the credentials will be met by the student. Responsibility for such evaluation rests with each student.

Admission Process

1. Application: A comprehensive application is comprised of all measurable academic experiences of the applying student.

2. Transcripts: Student transcripts showing all previous education received. The application materials are carefully evaluated so that credit is assigned for past academic learning and working experience. Information from such evaluation is used to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP will state how the degree goal may be achieved in the most direct way and with the least tuition cost. Each incoming student will be notified of acceptance and sent an Enrollment Agreement with a Current University Catalog. The IEP will follow, which will spell out all relevant information needed to enable the student decide when to begin the degree program.

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Each student will receive a transcript for student's records upon graduation. Any other request for a transcript will be charged.


Students must settle all financial obligations to the University in order to graduate. Transcripts cannot be issued for any course or program when an outstanding balance exists. Full tuition is payable upon enrollment unless other arrangements are approved in advance such as installment payment through bank transfer.

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