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Much of the learning takes place outside the classroom setting. The student works on his/her own, consulting an instructor/mentor when the need arises for clarification on a subject matter. The responsibility for learning is shared between the student and the University. Credits are earned after students have demonstrated learning. Students start the learning process when they are ready, and finish at their own pace. Recommended texts for course work are assigned and students are required to utilize resources available to them like individual and public libraries, internet or other school libraries. The qualifications for admissions into any of DU'S programs are

The university aims to assist African nations in the development of human resource - much needed element in nation building. In order to achieve this goal, Destiny will provide quality education and professional training using adult learning styles.
At Destiny University College, our faculty and staff are dedicated to your academic and career development. Our degree programs are designed to match current market needs and your coursework will prepare you for real challenges you'll face in the workplace. Upon graduation, you'll have earned a degree from an accredited University

The University operates on a semester basis. Due to the Distant Learning approach used by the University, student enrollment is open all year round. Each student begins his/her semester when the enrollment process is completed.


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School Of Administration        

Finance & Accounting

Leadership - Church / Education/Non-Profit.

BA, Administration / MBA

School Of Sciences And Engineering

Computer Science

Information Technology

Software Engineering

School of Intercultural Studies

Certificate/Diploma / BA / MA in Intercultural Leadership/Cross Cultural Studies.

BA / MA in Entrepreneurship.

BA / MA in Project Management.

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