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About us


Destiny University seeks to be a contemporary institution. In its endeavor to meet the community's needs, DU seeks to develop course curriculums that demonstrate this. DU admits students regardless of race, color, nationality and ethnic origin.

The university College aims to assist African nations in the development of human resource - much needed element in nation building. In order to achieve this goal, Destiny will provide quality education and professional training using adult learning styles.

In this approach, student and teacher become a team in the learning process. Destiny University will employ continuous evaluation methods. This is consistent with the belief that learning is a lifelong process and that it must be holistic in order to fully serve the needs of those targeted to be beneficiaries. DU therefore encourages students to take into account their learning styles, as well as the societal needs the learning would seek to address. The students will receive guidance in how to develop their own timetable and build their academic program around individual interests. At the same time each student creates a synthesis between his creative abilities, learning style and their application in an academic or work environment. The mentors serve as facilitators, responding to enquiries from the student with probing questions that would guide the students to the desired solutions. The mentors thus serve as catalysts in the journey of self-definition, self-discovery and self- expression.

Destiny University will assist students along the road of self-discovery and empower them to maximize their potential in serving their families, communities, nation and large global family. DU provides the building materials and the student assembles them. With guidance from an assigned mentor, students will do the necessary calculations and applications to complete programs that meet all the standards and academic requirements as well as prepare them for their unique God-given life missions.

Part of Destiny University's focus is the provision of cross-cultural training for missionaries and other Christian workers whose work takes them into another culture. Destiny University also provides higher education for those who have been unable to experience college-level education for various reasons, but have demonstrated the capacity to engage in self-learning. The Distance Education Program from Destiny University paves the way for excellent life long academic and vocational performance and responsible citizenry.

Our Mission and Vision

One Third


The vision of DU is to see a growing network of competent leaders of integrity who are spearheading holistic transformation in various spheres of society.


To help students discover their life mission, and maximize their God-given potential in leading spiritual, social and material transformation in broader society.


To help all students discover and commit themselves to a life mission in line with their God-given destiny.
To equip students as leaders to maximize their gifts, natural talents, experiences and education in fulfilling their life mission
To develop leaders of integrity based on strong moral values.
To encourage personal life transformation based on strong moral values
To develop leaders who can link their personal life transformation with societal transformation
To develop leaders of integrity who have the competencies to spearhead spiritual, social and material transformation in society
To utilize modern technology in providing distance education globally


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